2013 Annual General Meeting LPRA - May 29th 2013

We are happy to invite you to attend the 2013 Annual General Meeting of the LPRA. This Meeting will be held at FEE, Excelsiorlaan 91 1930 Zaventem, Belgium on May 29th 2013 from 14.00 till 16.00.

Dear Members,


The LPRA invites all Members to nominate candidates for election to the Council for the year 2013-2014. We are particularly seeking candidates from countries or application/technical disciplines not currently represented on the Council. Nominations should have the agreement of the nominee and a seconder. Members may nominate themselves.The LPRA has gained admission to decision-making ECC/EC committees and is highly active in ETSI. This means that, as a Council Member you have a real opportunity to enter into meetings in which the REAL decisions are made on Short Range Devices.

Please support the LPRA by joining the Council and putting your ideas into practice.

If you are interested, please forward a photograph of the Nominee, together with a short career synopsis to the LPRA Secretariat (info@lpra.eu) before May 2nd 2013.


If any member wishes to submit a resolution for consideration at the AGM it should be submitted at least 21 days in advance, together with the name of a seconder and names of any other supporters. (Section 2 of the Articles applies)


The AGM will be held at the premises of FEE in Zaventem (Belgium) on May 29th 2013 - all members are invited to attend. 

 Best regards,

Saad Mezzour LPRA Chairman