ECC Workshop for additional spectrum at UHF for SRDs and RFID

ETSI has formally asked ECC for additional spectrum at UHF for SRDs and RFID. This is considered necessary to accommodate the predicted growth in these industries over the next ten years. In their request ETSI has proposed that the band 870-876 MHz be made available for use by generic SRDs and the band 915-921 MHz be designated for RFID.

To enable all interested parties to consider the many issues, the WGFM (Working Group Frequency Management) has decided to hold a Workshop. The event will take place at BNetzA in Mainz on 4th and 5th April 2011. The Workshop will allow administrations to evaluate whether they should make available the additional spectrum that has been requested.

It is anticipated that the majority of administrations from the Member States will attend. The Workshop is also open to the public so we expect that there will be a significant presence from industry. Attendance is free of charge.

Details about the Workshop are available under Events > CEPT Workshops on the ECO website at

Posted on 01/02/2011