Ofcom publishes amendments to Wireless Telegraphy licence regulations the in 870 to 876 MHz and 915 to 921 MHz spectrum bands 17th June 2014

Ofcom has today published amendments to Wireless Telegraphy licence regulations the in 870 to 876 MHz and 915 to 921 MHz spectrum bands allowing their use on a licence exempt basis.
These bands would primarily be used for Short Range Devices; land-based use of Earth Stations on Moving Platforms, to enable the delivery of broadband on trains and coaches, and two different modes of operation for Citizens’ Band Radio.
These regulations will come into force on 27 June 2014.
Also, following a consultation, Ofcom has published minor changes to fees for aeronautical, broadcasting and Fixed Link wireless telegraphy licences. The aeronautical fee changes are the third instalment of a five-year programme to ensure fees reflect value of licences.
Broadcasting fees have been introduced to cover the costs that Ofcom incurs when dealing with the sector and new fees have been introduced to cover coordinated Fixed Links in the 70 and 80 GHz bands.
The changes also reflect the liberalisation of spectrum rights of use for the Public Wireless Networks (2G and 3G) in Guernsey, Jersey and the Isle of Man to make them technology neutral.
These amendments came into effect on 27 March 2014.