NEW LPRA MEMBER AUREL S.P.A 1st September 2015

We are delghted to welcome AUREL s.p.a as new members of the LPRA.    

AUREL s.p.a. was founded in 1970 by developing the “Thick Film” technology for the production of electronic micro-circuits.   “In the 90’s it has been opened the Wireless Business Area and nowadays AUREL has more than 25 years of expertise in the design and production of Wireless Radio Solutions in the ISM bandwidths, realizing every year new RF solutions, selecting the most performing and reliable RF components, optimizing the overall costs.  More than 40% of our revenue comes from Custom projects.  Thanks to the great RF’s expertise and skills of its own R&D Team of Hardware specialists, AUREL can support OEM customers in design and production of tailored made RF solutions adapted to each individual customer’s demand.  Strength on its knowledge and on the expertise collected over years, thanks also to the several collaboration with Research institutes, AUREL has been able to deal with enquiries from different segments in the electronic market.”