ECC Questionnaire about use of SRD’s in 863 – 870 MHz Band

The size and the breadth of the SRD market at UHF has grown very considerably over recent years. Furthermore there is every indication that this rate of growth will continue. This is placing increasing strain on the present UHF spectrum designation for SRDs [863-870MHz]. In parallel with these developments there has been a rapid adoption of RFID at UHF across a wide range of applications. Market projections indicate that the use of SRDs and RFID will continue to rise very significantly over the next ten years.

To ensure the continued growth of these industries, the Short Range Device Maintenance Group (SRD/MG) decided to consult extensively by publishing a questionnaire in 2010. Before considering refarming of the existing ERC/REC70.03 Annex 1 and studying possible additional spectrum, SRD MG will present the results of this questionnaire at an ECC Workshop for additional spectrum at UHF for SRDs and RFID. The event will take place at BNetzA in Mainz on 4th and 5th April 2011.

The LPRA urges all companies to respond to the questionnaire in order to positively influence standardisation activity at the ECC level. Access to the questionnaire is through the ECC website at by selecting “ECC questionnaires” from the “ECC Activities” drop down box on the home page.

Posted on 31/01/2011