The LPRA launches Members Discount Scheme

LPRA Members Discount Scheme

The LPRA Members Discount Scheme offers exclusive discounts on goods and services from LPRA Member companies and consultants to Fellow Members ranging from typically 10% to 30% off their normal published rates.

Participation in the scheme is simple:
To offer a discount, contact the LPRA secretariat clearly stating the level of discount you propose to offer your fellow Members and the goods and services to which the discount will apply, together with confirmation that you accept the Terms and Conditions stated below. The LPRA will publicise your participation in the scheme.

To receive a discount, provide evidence to the Member offering the discount that you are a paid up Member of the LPRA at the time of placing your order.

Note the Terms and Conditions of the scheme written below.

LPRA Members Discount Scheme - Terms and Conditions

  1. The term “Member” means any fully paid-up Member of the LPRA.
  2. Only named Members are entitled to use the Member Discount Scheme. Holding companies and subsidiaries of Members are excluded.
  3. Discounts are not transferable to non-Members.
  4. Members offering a discount should itemise the discount given to Members clearly on their sales invoice using the words “LPRA Members Discount” or similar.
  5. Members offering a discount may withdraw from the scheme after giving the LPRA a minimum of 3 months written notice and are expected to honour any contracts in progress with Members receiving a discount.
  6. The LPRA may publicise from time to time Members offering a discount under the scheme.
  7. Members offering a discount must provide an equal quality of product and/or service to non-discounted customers.
  8. The LPRA does not endorse any Member seeking or offering a discount under this scheme. Members should conduct their own due-diligence on companies seeking or offering goods or services under the scheme. The LPRA cannot accept claims consequential or otherwise or responsibility for damages or losses of any kind arising from participating in the LPRA Members Discount Scheme.