Additional spectrum for SRDs and RFID at UHF

In 2008, ETSI submitted a Technical Report (TR 102 649-2) to ECC requesting additional spectrum for SRDs and RFID in the bands 870 – 876 MHz and 915 – 921 MHz respectively. Since receiving this request, ECC has been conducting a number of evaluations before deciding whether to support the ETSI proposal.

As part of this activity the UK communications regulator (OFCOM) has undertaken an impact analysis on the allocation of these bands in the UK. The results of this impact analysis have been published as a consultation document on the OFCOM website at

OFCOM are now seeking input from industry (irrespective of the country of origin of the manufacturer) on the options proposed in their consultation document. The number and content of responses that OFCOM receive will heavily influence their final conclusions. If you have an interest in additional spectrum for SRDs and RFID at UHF it is very important that you provide an input.

It would be helpful in your response if you could describe both why such additional spectrum is required and also emphasise the benefits that this would bring in economic and social terms.

Posted on 18/09/2009