LPRA 2009 AGM: Invitation and Documentation available

We are happy to invite you to attend the 2009 Annual General Meeting of the LPRA.

This Meeting will be held at the Thames Barrier Visitor Centre, 1 Unity Way, Woolwich, London, SE18 5NJ, United Kingdom on May 18th 2009 from 12 AM till 4 PM. We start with a buffet lunch at 12 AM, followed by a short museum tour at 1.30 PM. The actual AGM will be held from 2 PM until 4 PM.

In the members only file library, you will find all necessary documentation.
•    The Agenda of the 2009 AGM
•    Minutes of the 2008 AGM (see item 3 on the agenda)
•    Chairman’s Report (see item 4 on the agenda)
•    An overview of the Council Candidates (see item 5 on the agenda)
•    Financial Statements and Abbreviated Accounts 2008 (see item 6.1 on the agenda)
•    Financial Report 2008 (see item 6.1 on the agenda)
•    Voting Form (for those not attending)
•    Proxy Vote Form (for those not attending)

If you will attend the meeting:
Please let us know before May 11th 2009: e-mail: info@lpra.eu / Tel: +32 (0)2 720 40 80 / F: +32 (0)2 720 20 60

If you will not attend the meeting:
You can return us the Voting Form before May 11th 2009: the Chair will vote on your behalf in accordance with your wishes.
You can return us the Proxy Vote Form before May 11th 2009: you can appoint a personal proxy who will attend the meeting and vote on your behalf.

Kind regards,

Saad Mezzour

PS: The 2008 AGM approved that the principal method of communication with the members would be the website and other electronic means of communication. Following this resolution, the invitation and documentation for the 2009 AGM are sent to members by e-mail and published on the website.