Additional spectrum for SRDs and RFID at UHF

Following publication of our SRDoc (System Reference Document) requesting additional spectrum for SRDs and RFID at UHF, the document was sent to WGFM for their consideration. The SRDoc was discussed at the September 2008 meeting of WGFM. Some national administrations believed that there was first a need to determine the use being made by SRDs/RFID of the present designated UHF band. As a consequence FM 22 has been requested to perform a monitoring study to determine the present level of occupancy in the band 863 - 870 MHz.

A meeting of FM 22 took place in late October at which the approach to the monitoring study was considered in some detail. A report on the outcome of this discussion is available at Monitoring Study.

The results of the monitoring study will be heavily dependent on the list of hotspots that are provided by industry. Clearly areas with high levels of occupancy will favour our case for additional spectrum. Your support in providing details of suitable sites is urgently requested to ensure that we obtain the most favourable results.

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