Electronics Yorkshire presents 'Introduction to RF Engineering'-course

Electronics Yorkshire, by arrangement with Gaddon Consultants, is presenting a two-day course in RF Engineering, on 18th and 19th November 2008.

This introductory course, with a minimum of mathematics, is aimed at Managers and Sales Staff as a complete course, as well as for starter RF Engineers as a gateway course towards more in-depth one- and two-day courses run by Gaddon Consultants covering specific RF engineering aspects. The ‘Introduction to RF Engineering’ gives a general understanding of RF engineering, an appreciation of the techniques used and the basic Transmitter and Receiver block diagram on which all RF systems are based.

All attendees are expected to have a general understanding of basic electronics theory and general components. Each will receive an attendance certificate plus a copy of the ‘Practical RF Handbook’, 4th edition. The course is modular in design so can be adjusted to suit customer requirements, such as a greater depth for frequency bands, modulation techniques, etc.

More details and booking form are available on their website and in this document.