** UPDATED 30th July 2020 ** LPRA RESPONSE TO BELGIAN SPECTRUM CONSULTATION : 870 and 915MHz bands (radio interfaces for short-range devices and PMR-446 devices : MAY 2020

** UPDATE ** UPDATE ** 30th July 20020

The IBPT sent the LPRA the following update on the 30th July 2020, we consider this to be a great result and another demonstration of the effective lobbying by the LPRA


Back in May the LPRA submitted the following to the IBPT :


The LPRA has just responded to the Belgian regulator's (IBPT) consultation on the release of spectrum in the 870 and 915MHz bands (radio interfaces for short-range devices and PMR-446 devices link HERE).  The release of this spectrum in Belgium would bring the number of EU countries that have released this spectrum to 24, which - thanks to the lobbying efforts of LPRA members - provides an exciting opportunity for the industry to exploit this valuable sub-GHz spectrum to offer services and applications. "The LPRA strongly agrees with all of the changes proposed and believes that they lay out a vital framework to allow manufacturers and other organisations to offer services and applications to Belgian companies and citizens that will deliver real social and economic benefits. In particular, the allowances for 500mW data networks (a2, a3 & b2) will enable a class of services to be offered that, to date, have not been possible.” For more detail, contact the SecretariatWe will of course keep you fully informed of all developments.