Latest Update On Radio Equipment Directive 22nd January 2014

The LPRA Council are in still in very close contact with our MEP contacts and hope to have news on the final wording of the Radio Equipment Directive very soon, in the meantime here is the latest press Release from the IMCO HERE

From documentation that we have been given access to the following points can be taken:

1)      The RED will include broadcast receivers (for the first time)

2)      There is still the potential for categories of products with a low level of compliance to the Directive being subject to a Product Registration Scheme, but our efforts to dilute these arrangements have been successful in several areas:-

a.       Registration can only be invoked at least 4 years after the Directive becomes effective

b.      The requirement for disclosure of key technical data as part of the registration procedure has been removed

c.       Requirements to protect the confidentiality of information that remains to be disclosed as part of the registration process has been added

3)      Requirements and obligations of Notified Bodies have been substantially strengthened, intended to exclude uncontrolled operators from this field.

As we have said, this is still a work in progress and your Council will continue to work to bring our influence to bear on the final version through the close relationships we have built with MEPs in the UK and in Brussels.

We will of course keep members full informed of all developments.