Aegis Systems Limited Joins the LPRA March 2014

"Established in 1988, Aegis Systems Limited provide a complete range of spectrum engineering and frequency management services based on our comprehensive knowledge of the theory and practice of radio system engineering. We are now recognised as one of Europe's leading providers of consultancy in the field. We are able to offer a detailed knowledge of regulatory matters together with practical expertise in interference analysis and propagation modelling. This core capability is supported and enhanced by our expertise in the development of custom software in support of client studies and our radio signal measurement capabilities. Our wide experience in spectrum engineering enables us to offer our clients fast, accurate and pragmatic solutions to practical and theoretical problems in spectrum engineering. Being a specialist company, we are able to extrapolate experience gained in one application area to another – an ability that has allowed us to bring an innovative approach to a range of complex problems.  We have been involved in a number of projects associated with licence exempt use and have an excellent understanding of the constraints and opportunities afforded by access to the radio spectrum to the SRD market”  

Tel: +44 (0)1932 860070