IET Press Release On LTE/4G

The IET has published a Press Release expressing concern about the proposed LTE/4G rollout in the UK.
According to the IET there are three specific challenges facing the government over future mobile communications:

  1. The capacity challenge – release of additional spectrum will only provide modest gains and will not satisfy the rapid growth demand.
  2. The coverage challenge – the use of higher frequency spectrum to improve capacity will suffer from reduced coverage and not provide the anticipated performance improvement.
  3. The regulatory challenge – four generations of mobile communications have increased retail competition at the expense of network competition, stifling new mobile infrastructure platforms.

See for details.
Note that although LTE is emerging as the front runner for next generation mobile communications, with a global technical standard, each country individually allocates channels to this service dependent on the perceived need and the spectrum they choose to make available.

Posted on 25/07/2011