Proposed changes to the R&TTE Directive

The LPRA Council have reviewed changes to the R&TTE proposed by the European Commission and submitted written comments, voicing industry concerns on behalf of our members.If implemented, the salient changes being proposed would adversely affect the competitiveness of SME’s by imposing a range of additional technical and administrative requirements on manufacturers putting radio and telecommunications products onto the European Market.

The key issues of concern are:

  • Manufacturers would be required to register their products with the Commission before placing them on the market, essentially returning to the Type Approval regime that existed before the R&TTE Directive.
  • Manufacturers would be required to provide translations of the technical documentation for their products into any of the EU languages within 30 days of a request from a national surveillance authority.
  • The Commission is seeking the right to amend the R&TTE legislation in the future without any reference to, or negotiation with industry.
  • Proposed wording concerning risk and safety is extremely vague and subjective, which would produce inconsistent interpretations by National Administrations.

 The LPRA Council will continue to challenge these proposed changes, which are a backward step for our members.

Posted on 25/01/2011