Ofcom meeting 11 September 2007

On the 11th September a meeting was held between the LPRA and OFCOM enabling the LPRA to maintain our current relationship and gain insight into the latest position that OFCOM is taking in relation to a number of SRD trends.

Dr Reza Karimi, the Spectrum Policy Advisor, provided an update on the view regarding the license exempt framework and the move towards “light-licensing”. This signalled a very positive approach to providing additional spectrum in the future at higher frequencies for SRD’s. It remains to be seen whether these policies move forward into formal approval and whether viable applications for short range devices are developed at these frequencies.

Clive Corrie, the Spectrum Investigation Manager, made a very interesting and informative presentation covering OFCOM’s approach to surveillance and enforcement “in the field”. During the past year the UK R&TTE team undertook 63 enforcement operations resulting in 44 000 non-compliant items being removed from the market.

The high profile events surrounding people being locked out of their cars by faulty or non-compliant interfering systems was discussed at length. The LPRA has obtained agreement that OFCOM will implement a complaints contact point on their web site specifically for SRD interference issues. In the interim Robin Donoghue (Robin.Donoghue@ofcom.org.uk) has agreed to accept complaints (from LPRA members ONLY) concerning interference to SRD’s.

The proposed EC Decision concerning mandatory harmonisation of certain SRD’s across Europe was discussed in general terms.

OFCOM updated the meeting on the complaint received by the UK administration concerning interference to EESS (Earth Exploration Satellite Service) when imaging over the UK in the frequency band 10.6 to 10.7GHz. It was reported that insufficient information had been received to fully investigate the complaint and further details would be requested at WARC’07 held in November 2007. This information was requested, but is still awaited so there is still no progress to report on this issue.

The meeting was attended by the following LPRA representatives; Saad Mezzour, Chairman, John Falck, Vice-chairman, Brian Back, John Hallatt & Nigel Gaylard, Council Members.