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Among other activities in industrial electronics, IKUSI Electrónica SLU (formerly IKUSI-Angel Iglesias S.A.) is a manufacturer of radio remote control for machinery in general, industrial and construction cranes, forestry and agricultural applications, etc.

IKUSI has been in the radio remote control market since 1979, currently selling its products in different countries in Europe, America and Asia. The current remote control equipment families, TM60 and TM70, are based on our own radio devices, mainly SRDs in the 433MHz, 870MHz and 915MHz bands, made to withstand tough environmental conditions, both indoors and outdoors. All devices fulfil the security and electromagnetic international standards required for radio remote control devices. IKUSI is an ISO9001 certified company with about 500 employees. Combining the research and development activity with over 25 years of experience, IKUSI can offer serial product and custom applications.

** PRESS RELEASE ** 1st August 2018 

We inform you that IKUSI ELECTRONICA, S.L. (UNIPERSONAL) has entered into a business sale purchase agreement with Danfoss Power Solutions Telecontrol, S.L. (Unipersonal), a company of the Danfoss Group duly incorporated and existing under the laws of Spain, having its registered office at Paseo Miramón 170, San Sebastian, Guipúzcoa, with Tax identification number B-75.202.416, whereby has sold and transferred the telecontrol business which main activity comprises (as you know) the design, manufacture and sale of radio electronic systems based on radio connections for the remote operation of fixed or mobile industrial lifting machinery as well as for other type of applications.
The Danfoss Group is an international technology group which is a producer of products and services used in areas such as cooling food, air conditioning, heating buildings, controlling electric motors, compressors, drives and powering mobile machinery.
Thus, we hereby notify you that from today, 1st August 2018, all activities related to the telecontrol business shall be carried out with the aforementioned company.
Any other activity in connection with any of the rest of the businesses of Ikusi Electronica (Multimedia and Ikusi Electronics businesses mainly) shall be dealt in the usual way.


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