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Wacom Europe GmbH
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Wacom is a leader in the world market for electronic pens and graphics tablets and a pioneer in the development of the pen as a standard computer input device.

Wacom’s current product range is based on its patented electromagnetic technology, which is the key to cordless, battery less and pressure-sensitive computer input devices that have become standard equipment for a large section of the graphics design community, both professional and amateur. This ingenious technology, coupled with attention to design quality, functionality and ergonomic detail, are the major factors contributing to the company’s considerable success in the European, North American and Asian graphics tablet markets. Recently the pen has become more and more popular in a wide range of digital devices. Wacom has been part of this development for many years and has been a pioneer in Pen Computing since 1990. The company also looks for opportunities to develop any type of products that could make computers or digital devices more intuitive.



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