Council Members


Dr. Saad Mezzour  Chairman & Director

Dr Saad Mezzour holds a PhD in microelectronics from the University of Lille-France and works from the Medtronic Tolochenaz office in Switzerland, reporting to the Vice President Corporate Regulatory Affairs as Director Corporate Regulatory Affairs. His background is in Radio Telecommunications technologies through various experiences within industries such as Philips Semiconductors, ST Microelectronics and France Telecom. Saad is responsible for leading the Global New and Changing Requirements (NCR) Program, and for establishing and maintaining a global standards and Telecom program. He is the chairman of the LPRA (1) representing the interests of the Short Range Devices (SRD) industry for different market sectors such as Medical, RFID, Transport, Telemetry and Buildings. He is also the chairman of ETSI (2) ERM-TG30 responsible for the development of European Radio and EMC standards for Wireless Medical Devices. Saad Mezzour is Chairman of the LPRA. 

Brian Back (Radio Data Networks) Vice Chairman & Director

Brian Back is a founder member of the Low Power Radio Association and has spent over 25-years pioneering the application of both SRD and Licenced Radio technology across a wide range of industry sectors from rail to water. Some of his most notable projects have been the design and deployment of Europe’s first wide area integrated AMR network for water which was deployed in Paris in 2002. Further in 2003 the UK he was responsible for the Worlds first real time rail temperature monitoring system and finally in more recent years has established Europe’s largest fixed real-time sewer monitoring system that now spans South East England and the Channel Islands. Brian Back is Vice Chairman of the LPRA. 

Simon Dunkley (Itron)

Simon Dunkley is Director of Solutions Architecture working in Silver Spring Networks’ European operation (now Itron). He has a PhD in physics and background in engineering research and development. A Radiotelecomms specialist with experience working for manufacturers, operators, regulators and consultancies, he has 25-years’ experience working in communications around the world having previously worked for Plessey Microsystems & Nortel Telecommunications and as a consultant with UK-based Detica Ltd (now Applied Intelligence, BAe).
He has been working with European regulators, the European Commission and industry to develop smart metering/ smart grid applications and legislation, being named by Metering and Smart Energy International magazine as one of the 40 Most Influential Figures in European Smart Grid for his work in releasing radio spectrum below 1GHz. 

Kevin Gadman (Pyronix)

Kevin Gadman is a Software Team Leader, and has spent 25 years designing and implementing communication protocols, wired and wireless across a variety of industries. Now working for Pyronix Ltd, who design and manufacture wireless security equipment, marketed across UK, Europe and also globally. He has a very practical take on how systems can be made to function well, whilst having to perform under a number separate and sometimes contentious regulatory frameworks. He would like to offer to the LPRA Council his skills and experience in this time of fast moving and significant changes to existing standards.

Philippe Magneron (Hager Controls SAS)

Philippe Magneron is an RF engineer. He has 20 years of experience in PMR, Home Automation and Wireless Alarm designs. Philippe is currently in charge of RF Standards, Technologies and Regulations for Hager Group. He is Vice chairman of ETSI ERM TG28 in charge of Short Range Devices. He is involved in Smart metering and Smart grid activities at European and National level. In 2014, he became president of Smart Electric Lyon project Technical Team. He is also an LPRA council member. 

Treasurer : Deryck Hannaford  Co-Opted Member

Membership Secretary : Phil Bremner (Business Synergies Ltd)