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If you are involved in the use or supply of low power radio equipment or services, becoming a member of the LPRA will provide you with valuable benefits in a number of areas:                  



  • Active involvement in the European Standards and Regulations process.
  • Advance notification of impending changes to European Union legislation affecting the low power radio industry.
  • Access to key decision makers in European and European national administrations.
  • Opportunities to promote your products and services to a broad range of potential customers through the LPRA website and other LPRA activities.
  • Participation in sector focussed industry groups lobbying for common objectives.

All these features represent membership benefits, of which probably the most important are our involvement in the Standards and Regulations process and your ability to promote your company and its products through the LPRA web site.

Our Mission...

This is a dynamic time for the low power radio industry

Protect your business today!
Join the LPRA and add your voice to those already speaking collectively to protect and grow the industry.

  • A mushrooming range of diverse applications are competing for scarce spectrum at the same time as national administrations are seeking to increase revenues by selling more and more spectrum.
  • A move towards “technology neutrality” is forcing disparate applications to co-exist within the same frequency allocations.
  • A wide range of new technologies, such as UWB, are also approaching maturity further increasing the pressure on spectrum and raising questions of compatibility and interoperability.
  • The question of harmonisation, both within Europe and ultimately globally is being actively debated.

These issues can all have a dramatic impact on your business viability; early visibility of a new opportunity could bring enormous benefit whilst ignorance of an impending change could be disastrous.

Read here why you should join the LPRA.

The LPRA is guided by an annually elected Board of members elected by their peers. Members of the Board, drawn from across Europe, have extensive experience in their own industry sectors as well as in leading Standards development and participating in legislative negotiations. The LPRA regularly consults with many influential committees and organisations, such as SRD-MG, TCAM, ETSI etc. to ensure members' views are fully considered in this complex process.

Terms and Conditions

It is a condition of membership that applicants agree to accept and abide by the Articles of Association (PDF HERE). Applicants should be aware that their completed application forms are circulated confidentially within the Board for approval and that financial standing may also be checked.


What does it cost?

The annual subscription fee is dependent on the number of employees of the applicant.  This is independent of how many of those employees are involved with the low power industry at that site or within the overall organisational structure.

The LPRA reserves the right to independently verify information provided about the number of employees. The declared figure is published on the LPRA website.

The fee covers membership from January 1st to December 31st of each year.  Membership is provided on an ongoing basis and annual fees will be invoiced on 1st January of each year.

Members wishing to resign are required to give 3 months notice of their intention to do so and must inform the Secretariat in writing prior to October 1st if they do not wish to be a member in the following year.

Members joining after 1st February will be invoiced proportionally for the number of months remaining of their first year of membership. Contact the LPRA Secretariat to find out more HERE 

An initial joining fee of £95.00 applies to all categories.

Annual Membership costs 2024
CategoryNo. of EmployeesSubscription Fee GBP *
1 to 5 £ 310.00  
6 to 20 £ 520.00  
21 to 49 £ 893.00  
50 to 99 £ 1103.00  
100+ £ 1418.00 * Subscription fees exclude VAT which will be added to all invoices at the appropriate rate.

Do you want to add your voice?

Please contact the LPRA Secretariat  as your first step to becoming a member of the LPRA. 

* Membership is renewed automatically each calendar year.  Any decision to withdraw from LPRA membership must be notified to the Secretariat before the deadline of 31st December.  After this date the following year's membership fee will be due.