Cybersecurity Act Update PRESS RELEASE 16 Jan 2019

Please find below a link to a Press Release from the  EU Council about the text of a Cybersecurity Act agreed with EU Parliament on the  10th December 2018. At the end of the webpage there is a link to the last draft of the Cybersecurity Act. 

PDF also available HERE 

This still has to go through the  European Council and European Parliament vote, but when published there will only be 20 days before it comes into force.


This new future rule is expected to harmonise the certifications rules all through Europe allowing a real Common European market for ICT products.

It’s based on voluntary basis except if a specific rule applies. It’s important to note that under the pressure from Consumer Associations, that the EC is thinking of adding cybersecurity requirements to Machinery and Radio Equipment Directives in the future. 

The LPRA will keep you fully informed on any evolutions.


As always we welcome your comments and feedback.