The LPRA Council would like to remind and urge members to please participate in the following consultation, the deadline has now been extended until 15 November 2019 (midnight Brussels time).

RE: Internet-Connected Radio Equipment and Wearable Radio Equipment

This act aims at strengthening the security of internet-connected devices, most of which are expected to be part of the Internet of Things, and of wearable radio equipment.  Stakeholders are consulted to (a) indicate whether an action is needed on privacy, data protection and/protection from fraud in wireless or wearable devices, (b) provide information on a broad range of wireless devices , and (c) express their level of trust in the digitization of conventional goods.

According to the received feedback, the Commission may consider different policy options in order to strengthen the trust in the field of wireless devices and their applications. Specific mandatory requirements would concern the activation of one or more delegated acts pursuant the Radio Equipment Directive 2014/53/EU. In practice, these delegated acts would require that wireless devices (or some of their radio components) cannot be placed on the EU market unless a satisfactory level of protection of data and privacy and/or from fraud is demonstrated.

Feedback received will be published on the EC site and therefore must adhere to the feedback rules.

As always the LPRA Council welcomes your direct feedback on this or any other matter, please contact The Secretariat HERE