At the ECC’s ‘CEPT workshop on New Spectrum Solutions for Industry Sectors’ held in Copenhagen on the 2-3 May 2019, LPRA Chairman Dr Saad Mezzour and LPRA Council member Dr Simon Dunkley presented the case for Medical Implants and Networked SRDs, the latter, formally, on behalf of the LPRA. A link to this event with all of the presentations is available HERE.

Saad set out the important role of the Medical SRD industry, whilst Simon appealed for more spectrum to be given to SRDs, and their economic importance to be better recognised when imposing restrictions on the way in which they are operated.

The outcome of the workshop, presented by ECC Chairman, Chris Woolford, was a recognition that connectivity is becoming increasingly important for a wide range of services and applications and that if demand for dedicated spectrum continues, there is insufficient spectrum to meet the stated needs of all industry sectors. He highlighted that options for spectrum sharing should be further explored and appropriate authorisation regimes should be explored.

Clearly, SRDs have an important role to play in this future vision

The LPRA will continue its campaigning work at events such as these to further the interests of LPRA members and the SRD community.

If you have any questions on this event, please contact the LPRA Secretariat HERE or reply to this Email.