Procedure for the acceptance and adoption of representation for and on behalf of the LPRA membership

  1. The LPRA welcomes solicitations from qualified organizations and individuals for contributions and representation on behalf of it’s industrial sectors.
  2. The LPRA welcomes requests from paid up, qualified LPRA members or their representatives to be appointed as representatives of the LPRA in areas of concern or issue resolution bodies that fall within the scope of the LPRA member interests.
  3. The LPRA, in accepting such requests as detailed in 1 and 2 above, does not accept liability for, nor will reimburse any expenses incurred in such representation except in such circumstance as Council determines that the activity is of an exceptional nature requiring such costs of participation to be met. Notwithstanding this, the LPRA shall never meet the workday compensation of representation. The LPRA will do everything possible to support the representative in locating and securing a grant or financial support, or sponsorship or fee based compensation to participate in the agreed activity.
  4. Where the LPRA becomes aware of a call for experts, which is relevant to the activities of the LPRA, the LPRA will publicise the details in the LPRA media and invite candidates to apply for the position of LPRA expert.
  5. The LPRA will normally require not less than 21 days notice from candidates seeking to represent the LPRA on a proposed activity. This is necessary in order for such applications to be given proper consideration by members of the Council. Applications made for representation on less than 21 days notice will only be considered on an exceptional basis.
  6. The candidates may be proposed by Council, or solicited by the LPRA or be  individuals seeking the nomination. In any event the duration of appointment of the Representative shall be for  a period of two years or for the duration of the specified activity if less than two years. Representatives shall conduct their activities with the understanding that the interests of LPRA members are their primary concern. Any action by a Representative that is contrary to the interests of the LPRA membership will be grounds for termination of such representation.
  7. Representatives shall work closely with their Sector Managers and provide them with an appropriate level of information on their activities. This information will be presented by Sector Managers as part of their reports at Council Meetings.
  8. The names and contact details of all approved representatives along with details of the body they act within, will be posted on a section of the LPRA web site headed Approved LPRA Representatives”.’Representatives are invited to attend the AGM of the LPRA but in any event must produce a summary of their contribution towards any approved activity during the previous 12 months in which they have acted as the LPRA representative.