Adcon Telemetry GMBH (Business Unit of OTT Hydromet GmbH)

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Adcon Telemetry GMBH (Business Unit of OTT Hydromet GmbH)
OTT Hydromet GmbH  
Businessunit Adcon
Ludwigstr. 16
87437 Kempten
Phone: +43 (0)224 3382 8040
Fax: +43 (0)224 338 2806
Contact: Gerhard Chvatal, CTO


Adcon Telemetry GmbH (Business Unit of OTT Hydromet GmbH) is developing a range of low power telemetry devices, data loggers with integrated radios that is, that work off a little solar panel, the smallest used in this industry (10 x 15cm).

The whole Adcon system is network oriented. Our products are centered around an A850 Telemetry Gateway, that will automatically retrieve data from up to 1.000 devices, be they 10mW, 500mW or GSM/GPRS devices, with the 500mW radios also working as relay stations for other radio devices. Sampling and polling rates can be individually configured. For alarming purposes thresholds can be programmed that will make the station transmit a notification outside the regular polling cycle. Data is fed into Adcon’s addVANTAGE Professional SCADA software, that will let users store, visualize, process and distribute data, locally or through the WEB. There are basically three major applications these units are being used for:

  • Agriculture: disease forecasting and irrigation control.
  • Water Management: leak detection, water quality monitoring, level monitoring etc.
  • General environmental monitoring: professional weather stations, landfill monitoring, air pollution monitoring etc.