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Lyngsoe Systems Ltd
101 Simona Dr, Unit 2
Bolton, Ontario,
L7E 4E8
Phone: +45 9698 0980
Fax: +45 9862 2394
Contact: Don Ferguson President LS-CA


Lyngsoe Systems was originally founded as a division of Søren T. Lyngsø AS (established in 1952 in Copenhagen). The company developed automation solutions within the areas of energy, environment, marine and industry, as well as producing computer electronics.

On 1 September 1994, Lyngsoe Systems was sold in a management buy-out to the management group.

In 1999 Lyngsoe Systems accelerated our global expansion with a sales and service office in Frederick, Maryland, USA. From here we now service more than 80 clients based in North America.

The following year Lyngsoe Systems invested in Net-Mill International AS, a company specializing in the mobile Internet, and in 2001 an office was opened in Toronto, Canada through the acquisition of two local RFID technology companies. Toronto is home to a sales and service office, and an RFID R&D and manufacturing facility that is considered to be one of the leading RFID innovators in the world.

By 2005 Lyngsoe Systems had expanded into Romania, and this office provides project management, software development and technical services for Lyngsoe Systems' product platform Catellae™ and system installations worldwide. Lyngsoe Systems acquired the global FKI Logistex Library Solutions in September 2009. The acquisition included engineering, manufacturing, software, service and intellectual property of the worldwide Library business. Lyngsoe Systems has been partnering with Crisplant, later FKI Logistex, since the mid 1970s. This long lasting relationship paved the way for the change in ownership of the Library Solutions business. The best from FKI Logistex Library Solutions has been integrated with Lyngsoe Systems' expertise within RFID and logistics solutions.



OUR AREAS OF GLOBAL EXPERTISE Postal & Logistics Increasing visibility, efficiency, traceability and cutting costs for the postal services of the world by monitoring, analyzing, optimizing and managing postal processes. We cover around 85% of world mail flow. Library Advanced self-service lending, returns and sorting systems using RFID, barcode to RFID conversion, Library Management System (LMS) integration and security systems. Airports & Airlines Improving airport logistics and enhancing passenger services through streamlining baggage handling and cutting down the number of lost items. Manufacturing & Supply Chain Optimizing pallet, conveyor and sorter control system performance through upgrades and customized installations, systems integration, VMware, control system analysis and design. Supporting mission-critical systems. Full traceability for food products. Healthcare RFID-based control and tracking of items, including equipment, personnel, instruments and medicines. Customs & Shipping The ultimate in container seal management utilizing high security electronic seals. We help government authorities and private companies detect container tampering and thefts as well as providing them with full tracking capabilities