Medtronic Bakken Research Center B.V.

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Medtronic Bakken Research Center B.V.
Endepolsdomein 5
6229 GW Maastricht
Phone: +31 (43) 356 6540
Contact: Dr. Christiaan Masson (Ph.D.) Regulatory Affairs M


Engineering the extraordinary : Groundbreaking healthcare technology solutions for the most complex and challenging conditions. Inspiring hope and new possibility in people all over the world.

Life-transforming technology. We fuse technology, a deep understanding of the body, and leading medical science to create never-before-seen solutions. Whether it’s less invasive surgical approaches to minimise a patient's downtime or creating the smallest pacemaker, our potential to transform lives knows no limits.  We reimagine the treatment of over 70 of the world’s most complex and challenging conditions. Not for the one, but for the many. Not someday, but this day.  By bringing together data, artificial intelligence, and our deep knowledge of the human body, we create something even more extraordinary. In strengthening, lengthening, and saving lives, we restore hope and possibility. With 90,000-plus people in over 150 countries, we see extraordinary possibilities to further increase our positive impact in the world. We are committed to accelerating access to healthcare technology, advancing inclusion, diversity & equity, and protecting our planet.    Please read more HERE



  • Induction Systems
  • Medical Devices