The LPRA Gives You a Say

These are exciting times for the LPRA, a new more comprehensive and informative web site has been launched.  The new council/board structure has far more European influence.  The LPRA also organises Radio Solutions - the only event in Europe targeted specifically at your potential customers.

All these features represent membership benefits, of which probably the most important is our involvement in the Standards and Regulations process and your ability to promote your company and its products through the LPRA web site.

As an LPRA member you also benefit from the experience, expertise and contacts of a strong Management Council.  This team becomes an extension of your organisation.

The Low Power Radio Association represents the interests of the very many users and employees engaged in the Low Power Radio Industry, which collectively turns over billions every year!  Its views are regularly sought by politicians, governments and regulators.

Membership is open to all sizes of business ranging from consultants through to multinationals.  So why not join today and find out what the LPRA can do for you.


The LPRA is a full and active ETSI member and also has representation on many decision making ECC and EC committees:

  • ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute): produces the Standards.

  • ECC (European Communications Committee): makes the Regulations.

  • EC (European Commission): develops strategy.

ETSI Task Groups

ETSI operates an application based task group (TG) structure, working on Standards for short range devices (SRD’s).

Task Groups that the LPRA is currently represented on:

  • TG28: Generic Short Range Devices

  • TG30: Medical Devices (particularly ULP - AMI)

  • TG31A: Ultra-wideband including Ground Probing Radar

  • TG31B: Automotive Short Range Radar

  • TG32: Digital mobile Radio

  • TG34: RFID at UHF

  • ERM: RM Radio matters

Membership of ETSI is costly and can often be an unaffordable overhead for many SME’s. As a member of the LPRA you can reap many of the benefits of ETSI membership. If you are a large company, membership of the LPRA often makes your life easier and participation in ETSI activities more efficient. You can subscribe to the Task Groups addressing your sectors of interest and contribute to the Standards making process. You are able to present your viewpoints to the decision makers.


The ECC regulates the industry through a management group and three top level engineering committees. The LPRA is represented at all levels that allow industry participation. The principal groups LPRA is represented on are:

  • SRD-MG: Short Range Devices Maintenance Group

  • WG-FM: Frequency Management

  • WG-SE: Spectrum Engineering

 Non radio standardisation committees

Additionally the LPRA attends several, non radio standardisation committees in CEN, BSI etc.


You will receive information about proposed regulatory changes at an early stage and an opportunity to present your viewpoint to the Regulators through your sector representative.  You get influence and your voice is heard, which would be almost impossible for an individual company.  You will receive regular bulletins on test and measurement matters and may obtain guidance on the application of Standards.

You will receive a monthly eNewsletter (LPRA eNews) which rounds up the most important reports from around the world, RFID, new wireless tech, radio spectrum changes and regulation changes.  As a member you will also have the opportunity to showcase your own news in the Members Only version and in Wireless eNews, a lite version which is sent to over 2,000 non-members every month.

EU Directives can seem unfathomable; the RED (Radio Equipment Directive) Directive sets out the rules for product conformity, marking and essential requirements. Interpreting and understanding it can be a nightmare for engineering and marketing specialists alike. The LPRA provides interpretation services for this and advance information on other anticipated measures to enable members to plan responses - and avoid unpleasant surprises.

 puzzleThe LPRA is already a powerful advocate.  Why not join the Team and add your voice? Please contact the LPRA Secretariat for further information HERE