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Beecher Communications Ltd
East Sussex UK
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Beecher Communications Ltd is an SME specialising in Internet of Things technology and applications.

Phil Beecher is the founder and Managing Director and has 40 years experience in communications engineering, technology and management.

He is currently the President and CEO of the Wi-SUN Alliance, an international organisation promoting Interoperable Wireless Solutions for large scale industrial IOT networks for applications including Smart Utility and Smart City Networks.

He was Chairman of IEEE 802.15 Task Group 4g (Smart Utility Networks) until its successful completion in April 2012, Vice Chair of 802.15.4m (TV Whitespace) and subsequently Chairman of IEEE802.15.4u (sub-GHz for Indian spectrum), and IEEE802.15.4v (sub-GHz for various other global regions) until their successful completion in 2016.

He has represented both Electric and Gas Utility interests in various industry organisations including IEEE, SGIP Test and Certification Committee, ZigBee Alliance (SEP2.0), Wi-Fi Alliance and OpenSG.

A large part of Phil’s career has been spent as a real time firmware engineer specialising in communications protocol stack development, including: WiFi, Bluetooth, ZigBee, TCP/IP, as well an vintage wired protocols such as NetBIOS, DEC LAT, Novell Netware, IBM SNA, coax (3270) and twinax (5250), ISDN and X25.

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