Radio Data Networks Limited (RDN)

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Radio Data Networks Limited (RDN)
The Innovation Farm
Sawbridgeworth Road, Little Hallingbury
CM22 7QU Bishop's Stortford
United Kingdom 	
Phone: +44 (0)1279 600 400
Fax: +44 (0)1279 600 766
Contact: Brian Back, Director


Radio Data Networks Limited has over 30-years experience in the delivery of Remote Sensing, IoT, M2M and Radio Telemetry. Our services are unique and comprehensive and span from initial consultancy, the design and supply of sensors through to the delivery of data over some of the World’s most secure and exclusive networks such as Tetra, Satellite, Mobitex and Licenced Radio – all part of our Mission Critical IoT.

In addition, rather then simple reports we offer Real-Time data and Control and the unique possibility to Mitigate incidents and to optimise networks, something we call  DAM – Detect – Alarm and Mitigate.

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Press Release 2020LPRA Members Radio Data Networks (RDN) have launched the Zero Pollution Network with a mission to facilitate the development and delivery of solutions to reduce aquatic pollution  such as plastics,  micro-plastics, raw sewage, wastewater treatment works discharges, mine waters, agricultural diffused pollution, highways runoff and industrial process discharges. Read more HERE RDN have also launched a tree planting scheme linked to orders. Read more HERE






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