EMS Radio Fire and Security Systems Limited - Part of the Carrier Group

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EMS Radio Fire and Security Systems Limited - Part of the Carrier Group
Technology House
Sea Street
CT6 8JZ Herne Bay
United Kingdom 	
WWW: www.emsgroup.co.uk
Email: enquiries@emsgroup.co.uk
Phone: +44 (0) 1227 369570
Contact: Daniel Griffin Head of Test & Certification Daniel.griffin2@carrier.com


EMS radio fire and security systems limited are a specialist company involved in the design, development and manufacture of advanced RF technology for fire, security and voice evacuation systems, providing a wire-free solution for risk management in the UK and overseas.

Many high-risk fire and security system requirements are better served using RF technology rather than the reliance on expensive cabling. Over the past 40 years EMS have become market leaders in wire-free solutions (radio) to the fire and security industry. EMS has continued to develop a number of unique wire-free products - please see our web site. Wire-free solutions are now being installed in a variety of buildings, including heritage, commercial, industrial, schools and hospital environments etc., where all refurbishments or extensions require a simple, cost-effective and speedy solution. The ability to report data from every device in a fire alarm system, including radio sounders, and to successfully incorporate both VHF and UHF technology within the same controller, is a significant step forward for the fire and security alarm industry - All without cable and - environmentally friendly.