JCM Technologies SA

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JCM Technologies SA
Morgades, 46 Bajos
P.O. Box 269
08500 Vic (Barcelona)
WWW: www.jcm-tech.com
Email: info@jcm-tech.com
Phone: +34 (9)38 833 231
Fax: +34 (9)38 894 153
Contact: Jordi Beringues, R&D Director jberingues@jcm-tech.com


Manufacturer of electronics for the garage door and acces control. Be a step ahead with our advanced remote controls and access control line!

The new MOTION range of 868 MHz remote controls is suitable for all types of automatic doors, gates and barriers for residential, commercial or industrial use. The MOTION access control systems have been designed to meet the management needs of small, medium and large-sized facilities of up to 6000 users and 128 doors. GO / GO PRO / GO EVO programmable 868 MHz transmitters: -Great reliability and feeling of higher range for users with the new APS System: a radio transmission system that allows the transmitter button to be pressed even outside the receiver range. The transmitter will repeatedly send the signal while the user approaches the garage door and until the door opens. -Greater security with the new “high security” rolling code. -Radio or bi-technology versions with 2 or 4 buttons. -Very attractive design and finishes. BASE / WAVE / STICK receivers: several boxes and rack cards for connection to control panels and motors. Easy programming and installation saves time and money for the installer. ACCESS-500 / ACCESS 1000-2000 stand-alone controllers: for the management of 1 to 4 doors and up to 2000 users. With on-board programming, 868 MHz integrated receiver, password-protected access,… CONTROLLER-6000 and EASY-SOFT 6000 access control unit and easy-to-use software for ON/OFF line access control. Extensive possibilities of use thanks to an RS-485 bus line. EVOPROX / MOTION-TAG / MOTION-CARD Multi-protocol proximity readers, tags and cards with new 13,56 MHz frequency for faster reading and greater features.