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Circuit Design Inc.
7557-1 Hotaka
399-8303 Nagano
Phone: +81 (0)263 821 010
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Contact: Mitsunori Saruta, Sales Manager


Circuit Design, Inc. designs and supplies low power narrow band FM radio modules for various application fields such as industrial telecontrol, telemetry, alarms and serial data transmission, for operation in the European harmonized 434 MHz and 869 MHz band, and low power audio modules for 863 MHz band.

High performance radio components are enclosed in a robust metal shield case for stable operation and reliable long range communication over 300 m. Circuit Design, Inc. also designs high quality wireless audio modules for 863-865 MHz bands. The modules have a wide dynamic range, with noise reduction. Circuit Design's corporate objective is to enhance our customers' reliability and competitiveness in their radio link applications by providing the necessary narrow band products. Quality is assured with an ISO9001-certified design and manufacturing process based in Japan.