Dear Member,

I am very pleased to report that our 25th Anniversary year has been an extremely successful one for the LPRA, and I’m proud that once again our members continue to be at the forefront of innovation in our industry.
I am delighted to be able to report that we welcomed nine new members during the past twelve months, I’m particularly pleased that two of those were companies who had previously resigned from the LPRA.  This undoubtedly further strengthens the Association and increases our significance within our industry.  Sadly we also lost some members but these were due to companies merging resulting in staff changes.
A significant part of our activities remains the policy/advocacy and standards work that we do within the EC, CEPT and ETSI to ensure that the interests of our SRD industry are properly represented and preserved.  Members of the LPRA council remain in senior positions in the relevant Technical Committees and Task Groups within ETSI as well as attending many of the important meetings in CEPT.
As we approach the full integration of the Radio Equipment Directive (RED) we  are continuing our dialogue with regulators and our members.  We will continue to monitor very closely the real-world implications of the adoption of this Directive.
Following on from the meeting between the LPRA delegation and Julius P. Knapp and other senior officials from the FCC in Washington last year we are currently in conversation with Mr Knapp and the FCC regarding the alignment of RFID emission limits at 13.56MHz. We are also in the early stages of discussion with other regulators to propose similar alignment. 
In recognition of 2015 being the LPRA’s 25th Anniversary ETSI very kindly hosted our Radio Solutions Conference at their HQ near Nice, France in March.  The exciting one and a half day event brought together 15 speakers and 54 registered delegates from around the world to discuss the most crucial topics effecting the future of our industry.   Although the number of delegates was comparable to those who attended our last Radio Solutions Conference back in 2010, attendance was on the lower side of expectations, however, the event was a huge success and the feedback received by those attending and a subsequent survey by ETSI was overwhelmingly positive. To maintain the momentum and build on the success of this years event we are currently in discussions to explore options for a 2016 or 2017 event.
Our industry and the wider economy still faces very tough challenges, however, I am confident that the LPRA is better positioned than ever to protect and promote the interests of our members.
Once again I should like to express my thanks to the Secretariat and to all members of the Council for the support that they have provided over the last twelve months.     

On behalf of the LPRA Council I would like to wish each and every one of you a Happy Christmas and all the very best for 2016.



Dr. Saad Mezzour 


The Low Power Radio Association