LPRA / TDRA United Arab Emirates (UAE) Consultation on Regulatory Instruments JULY 2021

Dear LPRA Member,

The TDRA [Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority] United Arab Emirates (UAE) has asked for LPRA members to comment on the following :

"In keeping with its values of collaboration and commitment, The TDRA  wishes to consult on changes to text it proposes under the articles of the following TDRA Regulatory Instruments:

: Regulations for Fixed Radio Systems 2.0 issued on 18 May 2016.

: Regulations for Private Mobile Radio (PMR) version 2.0 issued on 17 March 2016.

:  Regulatory Policy for Non-Ionizing Radiation Limits (NIRL) for Telecommunication Networks version 1.0 issued on 21 June 2010.

This consultation is initiated in order to keep abreast of developments to better involve its partners and stakeholders.
The purpose of this consultation is to invite comments and responses to questions identified in this document from all interested parties. Participants may provide their views on any other relevant aspects to the proposed texts in this document, which the TDRA will then consider prior to making a final decision.
It should be noted that none of the ideas expressed or comments made in this consultation document will necessarily result in formal decisions by the TDRA and nothing contained herein shall limit or otherwise restrict the TDRA’s powers to regulate the telecommunications sector at any time."
"If any Person or entity seeks to clarify or discuss any part of this Regulations can request for a meeting in writing again to the E-mail : spectrumconsultation@tdra.gov.ae  and then TDRA will set the meetings in the period from 27-29 July 2021 so that formal comments can still be received by15.00pm on 15 August 2021."
Kindly note that these documents will uploaded soon on TDRA’s webpage for Consultations:

"Many thanks for your cooperation and support. We look forward to receive your inputs on this published consultation as described in the documents."

Public Consultation - TDRA Regulations – Private Mobile Radio


Public ConsultationTDRA Regulatory Policy – Non-Ionizing Radiation Limits For Telecommunication Networks


Public Consultation - TDRA Regulations - Fixed Radio Systems


As always, the LPRA Council are interested to hear Members’ feedback on this or any other matter.