Draft ECC Report 313 "Coexistence between RMR in the 900 MHz range and other applications in adjacent bands"

Dear LPRA Member,

In February 2020 CEPT published (Draft) ECC Report 313 "Coexistence between RMR in the 900 MHz range and other applications in adjacent bands" for consultation. RMR stands for Railway Mobile Radio.

One of the scenarios presented in this  document shows a 915-919.4 MHz RFID outdoor installation being positioned 25 m away from the tracks and pointing towards the tracks, see Scenario 3 Clause 5.2. This scenario presented in the document is a potential issue for anyone installing outdoor RAIN systems near a railway track.

LPRA would like to urge its members to install any RAIN RFID outdoor systems at least 45 m from the railway tracks – the limit at which interference might occur according to the report's analysis - and if such outdoor systems must installed within that range, you should contact the relevant railway organization.

The report also mentions airports:

•  "Airport": RFID readers on conveyors at airport terminals for baggage handling (e.g. a baggage handling hall in an airport terminal building. Such systems would be carefully designed and have to satisfy the requirements of the airport frequency management department). 

Members are cautioned to take these items in to account when deploying systems. It is not currently a requirement, but we wanted to make sure that everyone is aware of it. If an installation is closer than 45 m to the track and there is interference with a railway system, it may be that RAIN is considered to be a problem technology and further regulations may be considered.

A copy of the related information can be downloaded from our website HERE