OFCOM consultation on 10.675 – 10.699GHz band

OFCOM has started informal discussions with interested parties on the future use of the 10.675 – 10.699GHz band. This band is currently authorised in the UK for indoor radio determination (motion detection) and short range datalink applications, an allocation that pre-dates the current global designation of this band by ITU-R for passive earth exploration – satellite applications.

OFCOM is aware of the wide usage of this band for microwave Doppler motion sensors and is committed to investigating the options to expand the existing 10.577 – 10.695GHz allocation for this application within the allocations of the European Recommendation ERC Rec 70-03. They wish to make contact with any manufacturers or users of motion detection or short range datalink equipment in the 10.675 – 10.699GHz band, who would be affected by any change to this allocation. OFCOM would subsequently enter into a formal consultation on this band before making a decision to change the current allocation.

Please contact the LPRA directly in the first instance if you have any questions or wish to become involved in the consultation.

Posted on 04/10/2011